Service Your Unit

To ensure that your Electromedia 100C is operating at peak efficiency, be sure to keep up with the unit’s maintenance needs.  Contact an Atmospure representative in order to find a suitable maintenance schedule that is practical for your establishment.

Typically, pre-filter maintenance occurs monthly with exceptionally smoky or dusty environments needing a pre-filter change every two weeks.  Generally customers can complete the monthly pre-filter service themselves, with Atmospure, Inc. supplying the necessary pre-filters.

Routine Maintenance

Your unit will need some regular maintenance, outside of the monthly pre-filter change. Since the unit’s job is to extract impurities from the air, occasionally what has been collected has to be cleaned out. Such maintenance is usually needed every six months, although your environment might need it as frequently as four months, or only once a year. It is a more detailed process which involves changing of all the filters and cleaning the unit inside and out.  

Customers who have the maintenance personnel available, or another reliable local source, just follow the instructions below to take care of the unit’s routine maintenance. The parts and filters required are available on our parts & maintenance items page.

Maintenance items

Atmospure Service

If you are within our service area (within 200 miles of the Chicago area), the same Atmospure staff that rebuilds and routinely repairs units can come out and service your unit as well, there won’t be additional fees if your unit is covered by your home warranty program(get more info). Because of our product knowledge and how well prepared we are withe anything your unit needs, you will find our pricing to be lower than any, and you will love our speed and ability to get your unit running at its best. Take a look at our service map. Even if you are a bit outside of it, give us a call. We may be able to get out there for a visit. Upon completion of full service, the Atmospure representative will leave the customer an ample supply of pre-cut pre-filters to last until your next routine maintenance is due.

Service Area

Pre-Filter Service

This process can be done by you or your maintenance personnel. There is no need to hire an HVAC professional to maintain your pre-filter. It should be done more or less monthly, depending on how much material is processed in your environment.

A. Begin by vacuuming the outside of the pre-filter retainer.


B. Open the pre-filter retainer by loosening the two screws located on the retainer.


C. Remove and dispose of the dirty mesh pre-filter.

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D. Clean inside of the pre-filter retainer.


E. Clean metal inside grill cover.


F. Put in a new mesh pre-filter, white side facing the ground.


G. Close the pre-filter retainer and refasten the retainer screws.


Full Service Detail

Complete steps A-G above, replace pre-filter at the same time a full service is to be completed. This process can be done by your staff, an HVAC professional for ac emergency services, or by us if you are in the Chicago area. See our pricing page for price details.

H.  Open the main door one side at a time keeping your hand with pressure on the unit in the middle.  Turn screw counterclockwise until it tightens, repeat for the other side.



I.  Pull air cleaner door downward and let hang freely.



J.  Remove dirty main filter.


K.  Replace with a clean main filter.


L.  Note the difference between the clean main filter and the dirty one.


M. Remove dirty charcoal filters.


N.  Install fresh activated charcoal filters.


O.  Clean the ionizer wires.


P.  Clean the plastic tubing the surrounds the ionizer wires.


Q. Close main door, support middle with hand, and turn one screw clockwise until you feel it tighten then repeat on other screw.



R.  Clean all exterior corners on the unit.


S.  Make sure both red and green indicator lights are lit.


T. Adjust louvers for proper air flow.


U.  All done.