The Electromedia 100C


A modern contemporary design that easily blends into your business environment highlights our Ceiling Unit. The soft, white hue blends with ceiling material to create an unobtrusive and efficient air cleaning system.

That’s just one of the many outstanding features that make our unit the obvious choice. Patented ElectroMedia technology. Custom Designed High Volume Blower and Highly Effective Odor-Removal System form an unbeatable team of product features.

The 100c moves the air at 1000cfm and either recessed or surface mounted, our systems handle a wide range of air cleaning requirements easily and effectively, and there are services like air conditioning Newcastle which can help with the installations.

ElectroMedia Technology

A patented new technology, ElecroMedia represents the first major break-through in air cleaning in over fifty years. Proven 99.7% effective with the tough DoP MIL 282 Testing Standard, ElectroMedia has achieved the highest efficiency rating in the world. Research proves that the ElectroMedia air cleaner collects particles 3/10 of a micron and smaller.

Efficient Air Distribution

Without the ability to move the air, even the best air cleaner in the world would be ineffective. Our custom designed blower is strong on three important fronts.

First, our air distribution system is able to deliver more cubic feet of clean air at static pressure levels two to three times greater than required. Next, our Coanda airflow design maximizes air distribution to all corners of the room. Finally, even with all this capability it’s still incredibly quiet.

Odor Removal

The key to odor and gas control is the amount of absorption material used. We use at least 1 lb. per 100cfm. Anything less is ineffective and requires excessive replacement, increasing operating costs.

ElectroMedia technology is setting the standard by which all commercial air cleaners are judged. Designed to solve indoor air quality problems, our Ceiling Unit offers a very quiet, easy-to-maintain, cost effective solution to your indoor air quality needs. Call today and ask for “ElectroMedia.”

The Details

Thank you for considering the ELECTROMEDIA air cleaning system as the solution to your indoor air quality challenges.  You will soon discover why many people have found ELECTROMEDIA offers the protection they need and is also very cost effective.  Please read the following information correctly to insure long, trouble free use.

To maximize your investment and to keep your ELECTROMEDIA system running like new, it is important to understand the components and develop a routine maintenance program.

image002A. The TOP.  Inside the top is the prefilter, tungsten ionizing wires, speed control, red and green indicator lights, supply air louvers, condenser, and the power pack.  See figure 1.  There is very little maintenance to this portion of the unit except to replace the prefilter and to wipe down the wires with isopropyl alcohol periodically.  The Prefilter requires a monthly change or as needed.  To change theprefilter, all you need to do is release the two screw latches on the intake grill, remove and replace the prefilter.  We recommend wiping the tungsten ionizing wires with a cloth wet with isopropyl alcohol approximately every 3 – 4 months.  There is no maintenance or service to the power pack, either of the indicator lights, condenser, or the speed control.  The green light indicates the electronics are functioning properly when steady green is visible.  The red light indicates there is power to the unit.  The speed control is three speed (low, medium, high) to adjust the CFM produced by the fan.  The fastest setting is just after turning the unit on.  If either the red or green lights go out, call your dealer.  The supply air louvers should be adjusted to ensure the generation of the Coanda Air Flow Pattern.

image004B. The BASE.  The base is where you will find the heart of your ELECTROMEDIA System.  The main filter, fan motor, and activated carbon modules are all housed in the base.  See figure 2. Changeouts of the main filter and the activated carbon are the only maintenance requirements.  For the main filter, changeouts normally occur between six months and a year with bars and other smoky environments definitely needing six months and medical facilities and non or low level smoky environments going once a year.  The activated carbon needs to be changed on average every six months to remain effective for odors and gases.  It may be wise to change the main and charcoal filters at the same time for maximum efficiency.  The environment will always dictate the proper cycle for changing out the main and charcoals and by running the air cleaner within your individual environment you will be able to tell when the parts need to be changed as the efficiency of the unit will go down with time.  The only way to improve the efficiency again is by replacing the filters.  Running the air cleaner for an extended time without changing the filters (when needed) you could cause more costly repairs by damaging other, more costly parts of the unit.  Please follow the proper replacement cycle to keep your ELECTROMEDIA running properly.  The fan motor needs oiling every other year in both the upper and lower section of the motor to avoid drying out.  To access the main filter and the carbon modules, release the screw latches located on the top section.

How does all this come together to provide the most effective and cost efficient method to remove smoke, odors, pollen, dust, and bacterium?

The air is brought into the unit through the intake grill and is passed through the ionizing area.  The large particulate is removed from the air by the prefilter and then is passed along to the media filter.  This is where the 99.97% DoP electrically stimulated and enhanced filter system not only removes, but destroys bacteria in the electric field that is created.  The final stage of filtration is the activated carbon.  The air is passed through the carbon modules before it is passed through the supply air louvers to remove all odors and gases.  By adjusting the louvers properly, it is possible to set up the Coanda Air Flow Pattern described as the best for room air mixing and cleaning.

We know you will enjoy many years of trouble free use from your ELECTROMEDIA Air Cleaner and welcome any comments or questions.  Please contact your ATMOSPURE representative toll free at (847) 736-2387 for more information.