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A little over a year ago Google released a new feature, called “Knowledge Graph,” which is a step towards a central location where search engine results will be displayed as the user navigates their search results.

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Google has been working with some of the top search engines to release knowledge graph and that means it is a game changer. Knowledge Graph is intended to make life much easier for everyone when they want to find information online.

Google knows when they are being watched. Google knows when they are being watched by the NSA. Google knows what information and images they can show to the user that will help improve search results. With this technology, Google will allow you to leverage the power of the search engine.

Today with Google Knowledge Graph, you can see what people search for on the internet and what they are searching for. So you can help your brand and your website with their search engine optimization to give users the best search results for their search terms.

Knowledge Graph will help give a better understanding of what people are searching for on the internet and then Google will give a better understanding of how the search results will look. This knowledge will then make their search engine more user friendly and more effective. So everyone is going to benefit when they use the Knowledge Graph to learn the Internet.

So now let’s have a look at some tools that will help you implement Knowledge Graph into your business.

For a much more in-depth Knowledge Graph tutorial click here.

Crawl the web!

Everyone knows how Google crawls the web, but Google crawls and indexes only the pages. The search engine is not the content, they don’t index content. This is why you will not see many results on the first page of Google when you are searching for your brand name and your website address.

To do your marketing better with Knowledge Graph, you will need to have your websites crawling the web. A major barrier is that Google doesn’t allow crawlers that are hosted externally. However, you can use something like iCrawler.

You don’t need to completely re-invent the wheel, but make sure you are getting the crawler set up right. It’s important that the crawler loads a clean cache, it should allow you to do some extra research in a useful way.