Replacement and Maintenance Items

We have replacement parts, filters and cleaners for your Electro-media 100C

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Regular Maintenance Components*


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe screen replaces the one on the main door of the unit. It is the first place where most of the larger airborne contaminants are caught.

It’s monthly service is easy to do, and takes just minutes. Undo the two screws on the metal pre-filter screen, peel off the pre-filter and throw it away Put in a new pre-filter with the lighter colored side facing out, and re-fasten the screws.

A case of six: $24.00, or a 15 ft. roll (yields 45 filters) is $150.00

Tungsten Ionizing Wires

There are 17 ionizing wires on the back of the door of your unit. These should be cleaned every six months with out cleaning solution. These wires are sharp, so make sure you have a cloth or towel covering your fingers as you wipe them down. Clean them individually, from left to right. Be gentle as they can be broken if you press too hard.

One replacement wire: $10.00 each

Ionizing Wire Cleaner

Our wire cleaner is uniquely formulated to thoroughly clean the tungsten wires without the corrosive effects of most cleaning fluids. This allows for longer lasting wires and no corrosive stains on the rest of the unit.

1/2 gallon container: $3.50

HEPA Filter

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe HEPA filter should be changed about every six months (perhaps more frequently if you are in a high-contaminant environment).

$125.00 each


Charcoal Filters

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe activated charcoal filters remove the finest gasses and odors from the air. They should be changes when the HEPA filter and ionizing wires are changed and cleaned. This is recommended every four months to a year depending on your environment. The used charcoal filter frames should be emptied and returned to us to avoid a frame replacement charge of $100.00

Eight charcoal filter pack: $125.00,  with the return of your existing charcoal filter frame.

Replacement & Repair Parts

On/Off Switch

The on/off switch is made exclusively for the Electro-media 100C and should not need to be replaced, but as a moving part, we know that things sometimes happen.

One switch: $25.00


This 3-speed motor powers your unit. If the motor burns It is the one truly moving part of the unit. It brings in the contaminated air and sends out the fresh air through out your building.

One fan motor: $225.00. If you are within our service area, we can come out and replace the motor for a total cost of $285.00


The calculator fan seldom needs to be replaced, but if it does the price of the fan is $150.00 If you are within our service area, we can come out and change the fan for a total cost of $200.00

Power Supply

The power supply is  a specially designed, sealed power source that generates 21,000 volts to the ionizer wires as well as the motor. It seldom needs to be replaced, but if it does, the green light on the face of the unit will go out. The price for a new power supply is $285.00


The unit has one red and one green bulb on the face of the unit. The replacement cost of a single bulb is $5.00

*Pricing is subject to change. Shipping & handling are extra and will reflect the total size & weight of your order.

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