Buy, Rent, Even Lease-To-Own

By refurbishing existing units, we are able to deliver the highest quality air purification systems for a fraction of the original cost, making it affordable for every business that can benefit by cleaner air.

To make the units even more affordable, we offer several rental or purchase options.

Unit Rental

Ask about our current rental rates. These plans includes all replacement filter parts.

Lease to Own plans also include parts and filter replacement service at the end of the one year period.

Unit Purchase

Single unit pricing starts at $2.000.00. Give us a call for current pricing in your area. Installation can be done by your own maintenance personnel, or we can handle the installation for you.


Every six months your unit should undergo a full filter servicing. Change the charcoal and HEPA filters, clean the ionizing wires and change the pre-filter. Take a look at our detailed service description. It walks you through the necessary steps, or you can give us a call and we can help you find a qualified service representative for your area. We also have the maintenance filters and products you need to keep your unit performing at its best.