Truth, the highly effective, anti-smoking activist group has its sights now set on hookah bars. They have launched new ads against hookah smoking, making claims about the harms that can come from the activity.

Despite whatever “truth” there is to their claims, hookah smoking remains a legal choice. Even risky activities, think skydiving, have advantages that make the risk worthwhile for some. The social gains of hookah smoking fall into that category.

Ideally, with a risky activity, minimizing risk is the best way to push that balance in favor of the activity. With hookah smoking, if you can reduce the dangers of the smoke, while maintaining or enhancing its social benefits, the activity becomes more attractive to those who might consider it.

Our Electromedia 100C does just that. We eliminate the harm and offensive odors that come from lingering hookah smoke, eliminating the immediate eye and nose irritation, the odor imparted onto your hair and clothes, and the physical dangers of second-hand smoke that permeates most hookah environments.

No air purification system is more effective on smoke. Take a look at how it works, and what it costs.