Four Steps To Pure Air


The Electromedia 100c doesn’t force you to choose the right air purification technology for your environmental challenges. It combines all the best properties of the four major air purification technologies, all within one unit.

The result is the greatest air purification system available.

Step 1: Pre-Filter

ap6A mesh screen, much like your furnace filter pulls most particles from the air. This gets rid of much of the smoke, and other large, yet airborn particles, saving the more fine filtering technology for particles more difficult to isolate. This filter should be changed most frequently, and is the easiest one to change as well.

Step 2: Ionized Wires

ap8Electric current runs through the wires, which negatively charge the particles that pass by them. Those negatively charged particles are then attracted to positively charged plates. The two attract, which pulls the charged air particles onto the plates where they can be removed later.

Step 3: HEPA Filter

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOne of the most complete filtering systems around, anything that isn’t removed via the pre and ionized filters will get caught in the HEPA filter. Many filtering systems use only the HEPA filter. However, to us, it is just one of four filtering systems in each unit.

Step 4: Activated Charcoal

ap23The final filtering is done by eight charcoal barriers. The now-cleaned air passes completely through charcoal where anything that may have survived the first three filtering processes gets captured.

The Result

The air that is then returned into the environment is over 99.5% purified. Far more completely cleansed than any other filter available.

What we didn’t mention in this process is how quickly the Electromedia 100c processes all the air in the room. By doing so, it moves the air as well, making sure it processes all the air in the room, leaving no stagnant pockets. Light up your favorite cigar under the unit. No one else in the room will likely even know it is lit. The air will be quietly drawn through the filter, cleaned and returned to the room before the aroma goes anywhere.