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Clean Air is Good Business.

Purify your air to eliminate harmful and offensive fumes that your harsh chemicals produce.

The only Air Purifier to use all four air cleaning technologies!


If clean air is important to your operation, you need the Electromedia 100c

Need Fresh Air?Need Fresh Air?

Our four stages link the most effective air purification systems into a single powerful unit.

Get OneGet One

We are priced for any small business to afford, and supply all the maintenance items you will need.

“I cannot believe how much money l have saved on my energy bill. My automatic heating and air conditioning system goes on about two thirds of the time that it used to. Due to the air being circulated so well with these electro-medias running. I have saved thousands of dollars in heating and air conditioning costs.l love my machines!”

Dan Schwoegler

Dan Schwoegler

Schwoegler Entertainment

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