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You can buy a dust removal filter, an ionizer, a charcoal filter, or a HEPA filter, but no air cleaner combines them all except the Electromedia 100C.

The world's most effective and affordable air purification system.


Electromedia 100C Efficiency

  • Electromedia 100C 99%
  • Envirocare 57.4%
  • Honeywell & Sokemaster 51.3%
  • SmokeEater 51.1%
  • Emerson 48.6%
  • All Others 44.6%

Filter System Efficiency

Each filter system has its advantages. The problem is that you have to choose the one that does best for your needs. Airborne chemicals are better eliminated on way, dust another, and smoke and odors could be a third. Which is best will also have to do with your environment. The Electromedia 100C uses four separate filters all within one powerful air-moving unit.

Buy or Lease

The Electromedia 100C is available for purchase or for lease. It is the right filter for almost every application, and the right price for any business.

Depending on your air cleaning demands, you’ll need to change or clean the various filters from time to time. We carry everything you need to make this process easy and inexpensive so your unit can get back to purifying your air.

Maintenance on your unit is not difficult. All you need is a couple of ordinary tools and a handyman if you are not one. We give a simple step by step explanation on how to do a complete cleaning. Some of the steps may need more frequent attention than others, but while you have the door open, you may as well check out all the filters.